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Reinstate individual CPA license

It is the responsibility of the licensee to renew their license, if they so choose, regardless if the licensee receives a reminder notice for renewal or prior to expiration.

To reinstate an individual CPA license, submit a completed Individual CPA License Reinstatement Form to the VBOA.

There is no additional 12-month period to renew the individual CPA license. Unrenewed licensees will automatically go into Expired status the day after the renewal is due.

To reinstate an individual CPA license, the individual must:

If you choose not to reinstate your license, please inform the VBOA accordingly to voluntarily surrender the license.

During the time in which the license is in Expired status, the individual may not use the CPA title or provide attest or compilation services until reinstatement of their individual CPA license (shown as Active) is posted on the Licensee Search and therefore, made available for public confirmation.