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CPE Tracking System

Please note: In March 2019, NASBA started transitioning all CPA user accounts, including course and attendance records, from the existing CPE Tracking System to the new platform, CPE Audit Service. CPAs no longer have access to the CPE Tracking System as their historical data is migrated to the new online CPE Audit Service.

The transition and training will take place during the month of March and April 2019 with the launch to CPAs in late April.

CPA users will receive an email that contains information needed to register their new account in the CPE Audit Service platform once it is live. All the access information will be included in that registration email. The new CPE Audit Service platform will also include video tutorials that focus on new features and the most commonly used components.


The VBOA, in cooperation with the NASBA, offers a CPE Tracking System for all active Virginia CPAs. This system is available for your use at no charge and allows you to keep track of and store all of your CPE records in one location.

If you are selected for a CPE audit, you will be required to use this system to submit your CPE records and documentation to the VBOA. However, you may use this system for your convenience for annual tracking of your CPE records. Use of this tracking system does not reflect a final determination of CPE compliance. The VBOA has the final authority on the acceptance of individual courses and documentation for CPE credit.