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Staff directory

Select a staff member's name for a short biography. A staff organizational chart is also available.

Staff Member
Email address
Phone (804)
Wade A. Jewell Executive Director 367-8540
Chantal K. Scifres Deputy Director 367-0511
Mary T. Charity Director of Operations 367-0495
Rebekah E. Allen Enforcement Director 367-2006
Kelli L. Anderson Communications Manager 367-1586
Sunder Bala Accounting Specialist 367-3032
Laurie Burton Investigator 367-0725
Melinda H. Haddon Financial and Procurement Coordinator 367-1101
Patti B. Hambright CPE/Peer Review Coordinator and Administrative Assistant 367-4880
Rai Minor Investigator 367-0728
Jennifer Prioleau Administrative Assistant 367-0502
Christine K. Rappe CPE Coordinator 367-1568
Nicholas R. Tazza Assistant Manager, Licensing and Examination 367-1496